Sunday 26 August 2012

Runninglights on the Arduino

This is a small project i created to try the Arduinos analog and digital input aswell as controlling the outputs.
This is also my first attempt at trying to debounce a switch and to make it pause and start the running lights.

It worked out quite well =)

What i used for this project was (beside the Arduino):

  • 9 LED's 
  • 9 330ohms resistors (R1-R9)
  • 1 10Kohms pull-up resistor (R10)
  • 1 10Kohms pot (P1)
  • 1 Switch (K1)
Other legends for the wire diagram beside the above:
  • DP - Arduino digital pin (DP4 = pin 4 on Arduino)
  • A0 - Arduino analog pin 0
  • V5 - 5v pin
  • GND - Arduino ground pin

The wire diagram

The code:

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