Thursday 14 March 2013

Neorouter on the Beaglebone

I wanted to install the neorouter client on one of my Beaglebone devices running the stock Angstrom image.

This was kind of easy after some trial and error.

First i went to the Neorouter download page, scrolled down to the Raspbian version and used wget to download the free "wheezy" version of the client to the /tmp directory of the Beaglebone.
Then you unpack the .deb package:
ar x <packagename>

Next you unpack the tar.gz file:
tar xvz < data.tar.gz

Next you move the files located in the /tmp/usr/bin directory to the /usr/bin

Then you create a file named neorouter.service in the /lib/systemd/system directory which contains the following:

Next you execute the command:
systemctl enable neorouter.service

This will make the client start at boot.
After that you can either reboot the Beaglebone or issue the command:
systemctl start neorouter.service

Last thing to do is configure the client by running:

and fill out the required parameters, then a list of computers connected to you neorouter network should display.
You exit the nrclientcmd by typing "quit".

All done

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